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Rainy season begins

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Photo of Savanne Paille Holiday Homes Bed and Breakfast Guest House
Savanne Paille Holiday Homes Bed and Breakfast Guest House Portsmouth Dominica

The end of June heralded the end of all that sunshine and now 10 days into July and the rainy season, it has been rain almost everyday with lots of thunder and lightning. This is all great for my plants which were really suffering after almost 6 months of drought, but is no so welcome for tourists who hope for sunshine and beaches all the way.

Since opening in May 2023, I have had a few guests who have stayed with me now, mostly walkers on the Waitukubuli trail, and they have all left 5 star reviews on Google, which is very satisfying. I still need lots more reviews, as it seems that that is the most important criterion when someone is decide whether to book or not. I will just have to be patient, as I know that when I started a BnB in the UK, it took almost 1 year to get going, and now it is full up all the time. Here's hoping!!



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