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Sun,Sun and dry weather

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

This is an amazing time to be at Savanne Paille Holiday Homes, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House near Portsmouth, Dominica, as there has not been any rain to speak of for 2 months now, with sun, sun and dry weather. Perfect for the tourist but difficult for me as I am having to spend over 2 hours each day watering my young plants!!

Still, I am not complaining. It is really difficult to start out on the bed and breakfast journey without any reviews. I only opened for business about 2 months ago so I have only 1 review from a German couple who stayed with me for 2 nights and loved it, leaving a 5 star review. So I have reduced my prices to a really low level to encourage bookings and hopefully, get those all important reviews.

Sunset from veranda at Bed and Breakfast Savanne Paille Holiday Homes
Sunset from veranda at Savanne Paille Holiday Homes



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